This is some slick stuff. I mean slick as in you look at it and you immediately fall on your hind-end and people are laughing at you and you are too, but don’t know why. That’s how slick it is. be careful.

weeplanets-flickr.jpgWee planets – Panoramas made into tiny planets. – I love timelines. These are great graphical illustration of political, military, sports history and more.
BearskinRug – Kevin Cornell, an artist from the UK. Great site design and illustration.
Does Chuck Norris Blend? – If he doesn’t your illegal gambling ring and secret love for chocolate strudel are in big trouble.
Complete Your First Book with these 9 Simple Writing Habits – For my brother Jake who has 3 epics, 4 novels and 37 other books in progress.
British Architectural History – Excellent resource and images of British architecture, ol’ chap.


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