raymond-loewy-photos.jpgHey now, you and I both know that you can’t trap a three-toed, fire-breathing howler monkey with just any old super-powered ball of fire shot from the eyeballs. It gotta have a little UMPH behind it and summoned with the power of these time defying links.

Raymond Loewy – Father of Industrial Design. Coca-Cola, Shell Logo, Air Force One, The Studebaker… “It all must start with an inspired, spontaneous idea.”
DesignMyRoom.com – Lay out your own room design. get inspiration.
Hack2School – Core77’s resource for design students and fun for designers in general.
How to Memorize 10,000 Numbers and More – This is an powerful post. I can remember my phone number now.
Kiva.com – Make micro-loans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. A little can do a lot and they get 100% of the loan. very cool.


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