The push was hard. The gear, a chunk of wood that twisted with the strain on the oars. We pushed, wrapping the length of squirrel tails every tighter around the spindle, twisting, slipping and shooting poofs of fur as we fastened it back. The catapult was set, the pocket was loaded, the enemy would soon taste the fury of these links.

Maja Wronska – We don’t do enough traditional watercolor. These from the illustrious Maja Wronska will do perfectly.
Intelevator – If an elevator was intelligent. Oldie but goodie. xtended version here.
Arrow styles – Different ideas for arrow navigation effects and styles for those who are into arrow navigation and styles.
Beans – You know you’ve spent long hours trying to figure it out. No longer. How a bean becomes a fart.
Nomadlist – Find the best places to work as an independent traveling, co-working, getter-of-things-doner.
Boxtrolls BTS – Go behind the scenes (a little) with the upcoming stop-motion short film that already seems to be a classic.
Don Kenn – He writes/directs tv shows for kids. His post-it note sketches are a tad scarier.
Grimes – New Video. Wait for the drop at 1:04.

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