Toys and weapons these days are just too expensive.

Gone are the times when kids could be content with a good slingshot and rock. Now every adolescent and their mother is obsessed with fidget spinners – pieces of metal and plastic that look like miniature propellers. *Indistinct dry-heaving sound* They don’t even do anything other than scar people and choke children (look it up). Thankfully, our good friend Jörg Sprave shows how to create a cheaper, deadlier and, most importantly, more entertaining way to distract/maim yourself.

The German YouTuber may look like a hermit who lives alone in a forest peppered with his own homemade contraptions, but in reality he’s a really nice guy who just happens to have a penchant for creating deadly weapons out of everyday objects.

On his ‘The Slingshot Channel’, Sprave unleashes his pent-up anger on wooden boards and anything remotely destructible he can get his hands on.

Just take a look at one of his more recent videos showing the versatility of your common flat steel bar:

YouTube video

While most people would use said construction materials for… I dunno, construction, Sprave has found a malleable material with which to create all types of weapons.

From orc swords, to throwing runes, to the children’s favorite fidget spinners, it looks like nothing remotely illegal is impossible to make out of this common hardware store item. He even mentions that he changed the design of the rune so as not to make it look like a throwing star, in which possession of one would get you arrested in Germany.

Beautiful. After molding the flat steel to fit its tactical purpose, Sprave then proceeds to throw his new zombie weapons at every form of wood imaginable. From an abused tree to an oppressed board nailed to the side of his shack–Awww. Someone better call the tree equivalent of PETA because this man is running a torture chamber for Ents.

Though it goes without saying that you should never try this at home (unless you own an angle grinder, are part of a ninja clan, or both), you have to admit that unleashing raw, readily-available, steel-bar power on an unsuspecting tree is a joy your ten-year-old self will thank you for.

You can find more of Jörg Sprave’s crazy creations over at his YouTube channel.


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