It’s wasn’t that we were so small. It’s that they were so big. Towering over the blades of grass, gripping two sticks to catapult themselves off their one leg, propelling themselves along the dry, winding path. To get to the border, this is what we had to capture, but it was going to take a lot of rope. A lot of rope and these links.

Lownine – Bipedal bots admiring flowers, patrolling ships, and cities atop strange twisted mountains are just a few of the journeys in this Osaka Concept Artist’s art.

The World in Faces – Imagine travelling the world capturing culture in the faces of indigenous people. That’s exactly what Alexander Khimushin has been doing for the past nine years.

Birdhouse Winebox – Clever marketing? Or clever marketing? Rita Rivotti wine has wood wine box packaging that doubles as a birdhouse. Perhaps inspiration for something to do with all those other wine boxes you have.

CYOA Maps – Ever wonder what the structure of ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books would look like laid out visually? Also, Christian Swinehart visual analysis is quite impressive.

Bodimation – Instagram follow of the week. Esteban Diacono creates odd and sometimes disturbing animations of figures, some fleshy, some glassy, some something else entirely.

Realism + Cubism – Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes isn’t just satisfied with one or the other styles of art, so he created what he calls ‘Post Neo Cubism’ mixing the two together.

50MPH Drift Trike – Devin Supertramp’s latest adventure with friends using three homemade, DIY trikes for downhill racing fun.

Off-Grid Schoolie – A family took a giant bus and converted it into a home, an off-grid home with plenty of room cooking and living.

Prey – A new music video for Stevie Parker put together using depth maps and motion vectors by Dave Bullivant.


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