Between the launch of their new world headquarters in Boston’s Lovejoy Wharf back in May to the launch of their newly-redesigned Chuck Taylor All Star just last month (the first redesign since 1917), it’s been a busy Summer season for the Converse brand – and they’re not showing any sign of letting up soon.

More recently, the iconic brand has been showing off some of the results of their “Made by You” campaign that started earlier this year – a campaign centered around Chuck Taylor fans who ‘hacked’ the shoe to their liking.

Among others, Converse tapped the artist Remy Boiré and agency Wunderman Division Blast Radius to create a special project around the Chuck Taylor All Star.





The resulting project – which was designed by Boiré and 3D printed by France’s 3DANDCO – is a 3D printed sculpture that combines 3D printed laces with an existing pair of the iconic shoes to give the illusion of laces in motion.


“To reward their fan, Converse offered them personalized artwork,” explains Boiré.

“They asked me to make an artwork for their fan Pascal – so I did a sketch which was then modeled and 3D printed. After that, the piece was given to the fan!”

Creating plastic shoelaces might not be the most common use for 3D printing, but we’re still impressed – and inspired – nonetheless. Be sure to check out the rest of Boiré’s impressive lettering work over at his portfolio site.


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