Like so many other great craftsmen who are operating at the top of their game, the story of how Andrew Hibbs got started bending neon light began at a young age with skills passed down by his father David – who himself started bending light over 30 years ago.

Today, Hibbs is continuing the family business through the brand Endeavor Neon and creates a range of pieces by hand for a range of different clients. Because there aren’t many neon benders left, Hibbs as the advantage of being a young and energetic craftsman in a trade that’s starting to come back.

Unsurprisingly, the process of creating a neon sign requires patience and a steady hand in order to translate 2D designs into three-dimensional objects. To create a neon light, Hibbs starts his design process with flat Illustrator line work or a drawing from the client that he blows up to the desired scale of the final piece. Bend by bend, he matches the blown glass tubes to the artwork until he ends up with the finished product.

In this new video from director Stray Matter, we get a unique behind the scenes at how Hibbs brings his signs to life – starting with the clients artwork and ending with a final electrical component assembly:

For more info on Hibbs – including how to get a design of your own fabricated – be sure to check out the his Endeavour Neon Instagram page.


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