As someone in my early thirties, my knowledge of the money-making process is as follows: you go to work, get paid, end of the story. I have yet to wade through the vast ocean that is the stock market. I heard it’s also a good way of making money, provided you know which companies to invest in.

It never hurts to get an early start on this stock market thing. But with so many numbers to look out for, it seems like a daunting task to keep afloat in it. So, is there any way to at least ensure your success here?

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The TickrMeter is a piece of equipment that will keep an eye on your favorite publicly-held companies. You can set this bar to whichever company you think is making a killing on the market. Be it the current stock, cryptocurrency, or foreign exchange market prices, it can give you the updates you need.

The people behind this real-time stock display partnered with to perfect the accuracy of their financial data. Information on your TickrMeter is accurate, reliable, and has a mean latency of 20ms. Considering buying and selling stocks is the name of the game, you’d want to stay up to date on these numbers as much as possible.


You can program your TickrMeter to display data in two modes. There’s the static mode which shows only one company’s ticker, and the cycle mode which allows up to 10 tickers to cycle on a single display.

All of this can be programmed using the TickrMeter app. From the companies you want to follow (which can be set into playlists) all the way to the time frames and alerts, you can set exactly what you want to see on this little screen.


What if you want to keep track of more numbers than a single TickrMeter can provide at a given time. With their built-in magnets, you can stack multiple TickrMeters on top of each other and program them to display different data at the same time. It’s like having your own mini-stock market screen built from LEGOs!

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Instead of using an LED or LCD screen, Tickrmeter employs an E-paper display to show its data. According to its Indiegogo page, E-paper “drives ink droplets by electricity to make natural, clear images on the screen.” These droplets are then illuminated using ambient lighting, so they won’t produce any glare or use that much electricity.

TickrMeter is currently live on Indiegogo and has a funding of €232,606, way more than its initial €5,000 goal. If it can help you make a killing in the stock market, the investment put into this crowdfunded stock market display might pay off in dividends.


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