Forget science t-shirts and obscure math formula tattoos; there is now a more fashionable way to get your geek on. Upcycling old circuit boards, the folks at Circuit Breaker Labs handcraft unique pieces of jewelry which show the miniature beauty of a PCB.

If you ever take the time to look closely at a circuit board, you might notice, in addition to running your devices, the mass of electrical parts looks like a digitized miniature city. The conductive tracks resemble roads, while the capacitors, resistors, and other soldered components serve as the city’s structures.

This imagination and sense of creativity are what Amanda Preske wants to bring out in her pieces. The whole concept behind using circuit boards as fashion statements started when Amanda saw the circuit boards her brother removed while trying to fix a broken computer. In seeing intricacy and unplanned beauty inside the rotting corpse of an electrical device, she was inspired to start the company and upcycle unwanted computer parts as the center of her pieces.

By encasing the sculpted boards in epoxy resin, the pieces showcase the different colors and parts which are unique to a specific circuit board. The products are made in the USA and range from earrings and necklaces, all the way to Christmas ornaments resembling New York state. Circuit Breaker Labs has also recently launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to provide colored circuit boards, found in your average blender, that has already surpassed its initial goal of $1,100.

Check out some of their more interesting pieces below. To see more of them, you can head on over to Circuit Breaker Labs’ website.


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