In most cases, using a 60,000 psi waterjet to cut material is a perfectly safe and sane process. For those who have an appetite for the recent phenomenon of object destruction videos, it’s also the perfect tool for cutting everyday objects perfectly in half to see a real-world cross section.

On the ‘object destruction’ YouTube channel Cut in Half – much like Will it Blend? and the Hydraulic Press Channel before it – a high-powered OMAX waterjet machine intended for thick sheets of metal is used to cut through everything ranging from a hard drive and a hair dryer to a running shoe and a golf club.

While the entire series of objects is certainly worth a look (and is updated on a weekly basis), here’s a few of our existing favorites that were sliced like a hot knife through butter:

OMAX Waterjet VS. Hitachi Hard Disk Drive (cut time = 2 minutes)

OMAX Waterjet VS. Toshiba laptop computer circa 2007 (cut time = 1 minute)

OMAX Waterjet VS. CONAIR Ion Shine hair dryer (cut time = 5 minutes)

OMAX Waterjet VS. 1911 replica airsoft pistol (cut time = 4 minutes)

OMAX Waterjet VS. Standard insulated travel mug (cut time = 1 minute)

OMAX Waterjet VS. Polk Audio computer speakers (cut time = 1 minute)

Find out more over at Cut in Half.


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