We’ve been seeing an onslaught of great Maker-inspired ad campaigns from various alcohol makers in the past few months ranging from DeWars’ 3B Printing Project campaign to Ballantine’s Ballance. The latest to join the ranks is Baileys with their Baileys Chocolate Luxe campaign that will really, really, make you want to have some chocolate after you watch it.

A Rube Goldberg Machine for Chocoholics

With the goal of creating a mixture of Irish whiskey, cream, and Belgian chocolate, the advertisement by London-based agency R/GA London capitalizes on the popular Rube Goldberg machine to prepare and pour ‘the perfect glass’ of the chocolatey (and boozy) good stuff:

This has been a popular couple of years for various Rube Goldberg machines with everybody from advertising agencies to music video directors turning to the popular people-pleaser to generate excitement around their product. If the above video hasn’t scratched your Rube Goldberg itch for the day, check out these ones, too:

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