Inspired by the unique balance of what gives a fine whiskey it’s character, (in this case, Ballantine’s 12), Stockholm female design trio Front have created a unique sculpture set by the name of Ballance that embraces the ritual around consuming the fine liquor…so long as you can avoid ‘catching it’ with it’s balancing optical illusion after having a few.

The Brief: “Create a Ritual Around Our Whiskey”

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The final set includes five handcrafted pieces that include (top to bottom) a copper spoon, a square water jug, a copper ice bowl, a handblown glass, and an oak coaster. Altogether each element aids in the ritual of drinking the Ballantine’s 12 whiskey as intended by the original craftsmen. To add to the story of the whiskey, the designs also individually carry the distillery’s logotype and make reference to various aspects of the whiskey-making process:

“Our design objects often communicate a story about process and, with Ballance, we were inspired by the materials involved in crafting Ballantine’s 12 to create our serving ritual. We also like to prompt curiosity and challenge perception. The magical elements of the sculpture are a stylish, fun and very modern tribute to the alchemic transformation conducted by the Master Blender, whose unique skills have been passed down from generation to generation.”







Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 2.36.15 PM

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It appears that the whiskey industry has been on the forefront of re-assessing their branding and package designs to better illustrate their devotion to craft—be it their actual product or a general appreciation for ‘making’. Recently we saw DeWars Whiskey teaming up with a designer and a beekeeper to develop a web campaign for their new honey whiskey:

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(Images via Ballantine’s)


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