As a UX designer, Tobias Eichenwald believes we’re on the cusp of a shift that will move us away from generic Graphical User Interfaces to a new generation of Natural User Interfaces that engage multiple human senses including gesture, speech, haptic, visual interfaces and more. He is also the co-founder of Senic, a new hardware and software company whose aim is to do exactly that: create revolutionary new tools for working, creating and playing naturally in the digital world.

“People have developed a love-hate relationship with their computers and smartphones. They love technology for the ability to learn, express and share yet hate it for its impact on health, relationships and feeling human,” he explains. “The truth is, people love and miss the real world; full of senses and real things.”

As the company’s first product in what is soon to be an entire line of interfaces, smart surfaces and objects, the Nuimo is a smart home controller that uses simple and natural interactions to let users control their devices and digital services without having to pull out their smartphones.

In a video released by the Senic team yesterday, we get a (fairly in-depth) behind the scenes look at what went into bringing the successfully crowdfunded device to market:

Says Felix Christmann, lead industrial designer:

“We want Nuimo to feel magical and allow us to explore ways to control in 3D space. We used an infrared based hand recognition sensor which gave us this ability. At the same time, it gave the orientation to the device that we needed. We chose high-quality materials. Turned metal gave us the weight and durability that we needed; acrylic glass the sensitivity and ability to work with capacitive sensing. We ultimately worked our way towards a natural, non-intrusive and elegant design that gave us the power, precision and speed that we needed from our tool.”


For those who missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, the company will do one more batch of pre-orders scheduled to be delivered in June before branching out to retail locations in Europe and North America. Find out more over at Senic.


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