Although we might have come to take physical books for granted over the years, their presence in an ever-increasing digital world of smartphones and e-readers has led many to reconsider the value of a well-constructed book. Of course – just like any other manufactured product – there are great examples of the craft that have been made by hand made by hand as well as poor examples that were made using mass manufacturing methods.

But to truly appreciate a book that’s been made by hand, it can oftentimes come down to learning the bookbinding process yourself – including everything from sourcing the paper and cover materials to actually assembling the pages and embossing a cover with perfect execution.

Thankfully, for those of us who may be pressed for time, the next best thing is to watch the book making process performed by a true master of the craft – in this case, Louise James from Auckland, New Zealand’s The Binding Studio.


After having started bookbinding in 2001, James founded The Binding Studio in 2009 after having spent the previous years learning the trade and the industry before creating her own production studio. Today, The Binding Studio specializes in creating everything from one offs to production runs for a range of clients including those in need of custom portfolios and design work:





In this video from filmmaker Joseph Jowitt, we get a behind the scenes look at what goes into James’ process of creating a handcrafted book.

Find out more about James and her impressive portfolio of handmade books by heading over to the Binding Studio.


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