Since founder Eric Singer created the first hardwood wayfarer sunglasses style in 2009, Portland, Oregon-based Shwood has only continued to push the boundaries of what’s possible for materials in sunglass frame design. Particularly, sunglasses made from natural materials that are continuing to resonate with the outdoor enthusiast market.

Since creating the original hardwood frames, the company’s design and fabrication team have gone on to create frames made from everything from vinyl records and Louisville Sluggers to newspaper and stone.

More recently, the company has been experimenting with what just might be their most wildest concepts yet: sunglasses made from osprey feathers and desert sugar bush flowers.

Says Shwood:

“Inspiration is easily found but rarely encapsulated. With the new Badlands collection, we’ve mastered a new process of stabilization of natural materials. Using high-pressure resin casting and our hand-made processing technique, we’ve taken elements from some of the most awe-inspiring environments in the world and transformed them into one- of-a-kind wearable art. Just as every inspirational experience is unique, so is every handmade piece of this collection”

The Badlands Collection will be available over at Shwood starting next week.


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