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We’ve given you a quick overview of Onshape, but wow, there is so much more. More than I thought actually. It’s hard to keep up when they’re releasing new features every three weeks. But that right there, that is just one thing that makes Onshape such a powerful 3D modeling platform.

Now, you know Onshape is full cloud-based 3D parametric design. They have most of the features you would expect for mechanical cad design, but these five features just made me realize how much more there is, and ultimately, how quickly they’re turning around all those features requested by Onshape users. So, what better way than to show you than with a video? Mr. Adam put this video together that shows you the five features you definitely need to know about.

YouTube video

Did you know about those features? Oh, and if you want to try some of them out, you can have a go with the example model in Onshape here.

So, let’s break this down:

  1. Hole Feature
    This is awesome. Select the type of hole-simple, counterbored, countersunk–select a sketch point on a part, the parts to apply it to and BAM, you have a new hole.
  2. Feature Patterns
    For a basic pattern, select the hole, add an angle and quantity. But you can do even more with patterns using variables.
  3. Variables
    Give it a name, set a value, then use that to drive other features. You can define variables with basic equations but can also add some if-then logic and use array lookups.
  4. Tangent Mate
    Unlike any other mate, this allows parts to slide against each other. You can create a persistent tangential relationship and you can do it across multiple surfaces.
  5. Replicate
    Makes your assembly work super efficient. This intelligently assembles parts by taking the seed component and searching for similar geometry to automatically inserts each instance.
  6. Version Compare (Bonus!!)
    Visually compare versions, workspaces, or moments in history. You can see all the changes visually, right there in the viewport. What changed, who changed it and when it happened. So powerful.

So, these are features that have come out in just the last few weeks. And, Onshape has only been out of beta in the last two months! As Adam says in the video, “This thing is pretty baller.”

Definitely take a look. You can sign up for Onshape here.


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