Between news of the Apple Car, the introduction of hands-free driving from Tesla and Google’s continued development of self-driving cars, 2015 shaped up to be one of the most interesting years in recent memory for the automobile – yet, 2016 is already shaping up to be even crazier.

Not one to be left behind automakers, Goodyear recently introduced what they think is the tire of the future for autonomous vehicles in the form of the Eagle 360.

Introduced at the Geneva Auto Show, the Eagle 360′s spherical design (which operates through magnetic-levitation) are designed to maximize a vehicle’s maneuverability while an array of sensors constantly monitor road and weather conditions and relay them to the vehicle’s computer.


The (intended) result is an optimized driving experience that takes temperature, tire pressure, and other variables into account to automate ride cushioning. As to be expected, the result is something that looks more Blade Runner and less Fast and Furious:

YouTube video

Since the tire is designed specifically for autonomous vehicles, little can be said about how they’ll handle after peeling onto the 101 with the top down and Credence Clearwater Revival turned up to 11, but we’ll focus on enjoying the latter for the time being.


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