As the latest in digital fabrication technologies – such as 3D printing in multiple materials – become more affordable and widespread, the promise of a supply chain-disrupting distributed manufacturing future – at least, for some products – continues to look more promising.

As we continue to navigate the landscape of 3D printing and other digital fabrication technologies making their way into the consumer market, more often than not we’re finding that the limitations aren’t so much rooted in the technology itself but rather, are the designs even marketable and desirable regardless of how they are manufactured?

Founded by New York-based designers Joe Doucet, Dean Disimone and Evan Clabots, OTHR is a new retail platform for professional designers to showcase both functional and decorative objects that are created for 3D printing – and the brand’s initial results look infinitely better than nearly anything you’d find on Thingiverse.

Birdhaus by Claesson Koivisto Rune
This subtle reinvention of the classic birdhouse is currently available in both matte black and gloss white 3D Printed Porcelain. Numbered edition.

EE Juicer by Everything Elevated
A strikingly graphic juicer in gloss white 3D Printed Porcelain. Available in three sizes and as part of a set. Numbered edition.

“We believe better things are created by great designers,” explains the team. “We partner only with the world’s best designers and emerging talent to develop useful, aesthetic and unique objects exclusively for us. By using technologies such as 3D printing, we avoid having to create more objects than there are homes for. Our objects do not physically exist until you choose to own one–each is embedded with a unique number to reflect your participation in its creation.”

Univers Series – Bath Set by Brad Ascalon
A beautifully austere modular system for the bath made in matte black or gloss white 3D Printed Porcelain. Numbered edition.

As a result of the brand’s commitment to local and on-demand manufacturing, all items in their collection are produced as they are ordered – meaning no international production, shipping or warehouse storage. In addition to greatly reducing their environmental footprint, this allows the company to be quick and agile with adding new products and designers to their collection – which they plan on doing every other week.

Little O Catchall by Paul Loebach
As functional as it is beautiful, this circular catchall is available in matte black or gloss white 3D Printed Porcelain. Numbered edition.

“I’m really excited about how quickly the current technology is changing and the new possibilities it’s opening to us,” adds Doucet. “I fell in love with the idea of controlling all aspects of something — the entire experience.”

Find out more and check out the rest of the impressive collection over at OTHR.


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