While their parents may have invested in furniture sets that are designed to last decades, many of today’s young urban dwellers are turning down purchasing heirloom-quality goods that require moving trucks and in favor of functional and cheap solutions that can be packed easily for a somewhat nomadic and unpredictable lifestyle. For recent Falmouth University graduate Sam Wrigley, this shift in consumer mindset resulted in an idea that he’s spent the last year developing in the form of CRISSCROSS.

The range of modular furniture – which is designed to “adapt to people’s lives rather than tie them down” – consists of a simple ecosystem of parts that can be used to create any number of tool-free designs similar to a children’s pegboard-style playset. Unlike IKEA furniture designs, the CRISSCROSS range allows for users to convert the parts into whichever they feel is best suited for their space at the moment – whether it’s a bookshelf, a cupboard, a desktop or nearly anything else that can be made out of a box.

Says the team:

“Flat-pack furniture. We’ve all been there. Sat surrounded by nuts and bolts, screws and nails, not really knowing where to start. Well, our furniture does away with all that. It’s designed to be incredibly simple. There’s just a handful of parts, and you don’t even need any tools. Not only that but because our parts are standardized, once you’ve made one thing, you can make anything. The possibilities are endless.”

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While the CRISSCROSS system is intended to take the headache out of moving larger furniture pieces, Wrigley has ensured that his furniture does not come off as “cheap”. Among other considerations he’s put into the modular furniture system include high-quality wood sourced from sustainable FSC® certified forests that are protected using a natural plant-based wax – a nice touch that keeps the panels protected from common scuffs and liquid spills. Not to mention, the fail-proof build process is infinitely easier than anything IKEA has ever served up:  

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“We’re incredibly excited and proud to finally share CRISSCROSS Furniture with the world,” adds Wrigley. “We just hope everyone loves it as much as we do! We’ve decided to make it available to the wonderful Kickstarter community first. They’ll be able to get it before anyone else, and at a special early backer price.”




Set to launch on Kickstarter with a range of different kit sizes tomorrow, May 17th, the CRISSCROSS just might also be the perfect solution for finally organizing that garage or workshop.


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