On March 9th, 2018, mHUB in Chicago celebrated surviving its first year and it’s showing a strong start to its 2nd. A product of Chicago’s rich manufacturing history, mHUB refers to itself as a “manufacturing and physical product innovation center”. It provides incubator-type resources, fabulous and expensive prototyping equipment & software, and coworking spaces.

Their 1st birthday is no small accomplishment considering the recent closing of TechShop… which made poor Dan Slaski weep.

With over 100 industry and community partners, nearly 200 startup company members, and over $40 million in capital raised by member companies, mHUB shows no signs of slowing down!

At the party, we met Ashley S. Moy of CAST21 and Fausto A. Petruzzelli of VIVOTRONIX. Both of these innovators used mHUB’s resources to develop cool products. Both products are coincidentally medical devices, but that’s not all that gets worked on at mHUB (it’s just what caught my eye). You can hear them talk about their companies in the video below.

CAST21 is developing a new type of cast you can shower with. It looks like this:

waterproof cast ashley moy

VIVOTRONIX is making devices that will let doctors collect a slew of patient data while patients rest comfortably at home. One of their gizmos looks like this:

vivotronix medical information

The mHUB space is located at 965 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL 60642. If you would like to check out mHUB’s space for yourself you can schedule a tour by visiting mHUBChicago.com and selecting Book a Tour.

As mentioned in the video, there’s currently a shop membership starting at $145/month that will give you part-time access to the prototyping shop. They also have co-working and office space memberships as well.

YouTube video

Best of success to everyone at mHUB in their second year!


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