Last time we checked-in with crazy YouTube sensation/mad-scientist inventor Colin Furze, he was letting a group of friends shoot fireworks at him whilst wearing a metal suit that he made using his pressure washer to demonstrate the hydroforming method of manufacturing.

Frankly, we’re just glad to know that he’s still alive.

More recently, the plumber, stuntman, inventor, and filmmaker from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England who is perhaps most famously known for inventing ‘The World’s Fastest Pram’ was hired by Japanese fashion label Uniqlo to test their new ‘heattech’ thermal shirts.

“So uniqlo the japanesse clothing campany asked me to make a video around something cold to show off there heattech thermal shirt things,” said Furze on his website.

“Now I,ve made a pact with myself now i’m getting these sponsored type videos that i will not not make videos for companys and products i would not buy myself or are total sh!(e but i have bought uniqlo hoodies before and the heattech stuff is good so they pass.”

Never one to disappoint, Furze chose to channel his obscure manufacturing approach towards fabricating bicycle wheels out of ice for riding on arctic terrain.

“Strange idea I (know) but thought maybe this was the way the first ever wheel was dreamt up so gotta be worth a go.”

Contrary to what you might expect, the process of creating the wheels was a lot more involved than simply chipping away at a block of ice:

YouTube video

You can check out a more in-depth explanation of his design process over at his website.


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