As far as internet video celebrities go, genius inventor and all-around mad man Colin Furze is certainly one of our favorites.

The plumber, stuntman, inventor, and filmmaker from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England is known for his wild and downright impressive inventions ranging from ‘The World’s Fastest Pram’ (complete with a flamethrower and World Record to boot) to his famed ‘Wall of Death’.

The projects are fascinating in that Colin uses various manufacturing methods (both traditional and experimental) to craft these ridiculous albeit surprisingly functional contraptions. We’re pretty sure that a lot of product designers and engineers would love to quit their day jobs and use their expert skills at creating wacky projects like Colin does.

Recently, Colin posted a video to his popular YouTube channel where he tests using a pressure washer as a cheap DIY hydroformer:

YouTube video

…after getting the process nailed down, he then used the method for crafting what is arguably one of the greatest things you could ever show up to a Fourth of July party in…a Firework safety suit that allows you to stand inside of a fireworks display:

YouTube video

“Being able to stand inside a Firework display is an experiance i will not forget, at times it’s abit like being in a barrel while your mate bangs it with a stick and waves a torch in your face but seeing a lit rocket going of just 6ft from your face is pretty epic.”

Colin also features more in-depth explanations of his projects and manufacturing methodsvover at his awesome website…including step-by-step instructions for getting started with hydroforming.

As long as Colin keeps keeps building things like the World’s Fastest Mobility Scooter and blasting himself with fireworks, we’ll keep watching. Just remember to always wear a helmet, okay Colin?


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