When it comes to ‘garage inventors’, few people carry the title as well as Colin Furze. The plumber-turned-viral YouTube video star out of Stamford, Lincolnshire has created everything from the world’s fasted pram to a hoverbike in his humble UK-based garage workshop.

And while he probably worries his friends and family sick, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, he’s been busy lately cranking the extreme up to 11.

More recently, BBC and the Top Gear crew called upon Furze’s knack for creating insane vehicles to build a custom bumper car for the hit TV show’s resident racecar driver, The Stig. But this wasn’t your typical reimagination of a carnival ride—Furze managed to squeeze the power of a 600cc motorcycle into the body of a 1960s bumper car.

Says Furze:

“This 600cc monster is the work of hours of shed time working out how to squeeze a sports bike and wheels into a dodgy shell without making a death trap. Surprisingly, when driven in a straight line, it’s actually quite a solid ride—even when reaching 3-figure speeds. So did I make a ride fit for The Stig? I think so.”

YouTube video

Equally important is Furze’s two-part behind the scenes build process:

YouTube video


YouTube video

Be sure to check out the rest of Furze’s insane builds over at his YouTube channel.


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