You know what your party DOESN’T have. The ambiance created by a bubble-pooting Deadpool. Yes, folks, this will likely go down in SolidSmack history as either the height or depth of our weekly model feature, but hey, where else can you learn about the coolest design, latest tech AND how to make a Deadpool model that poots bubbles? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You remember the Deadpool knife block? Well, that brilliance was created by the same Britt Michelsen who has now brought us the official, unofficial Bubble Breezer Deadpool – a mod of a BUB-L Breezer, a shoddy plastic toy of a man bent over, pants down, blowing bubbles out his yoohoo. Let’s just say, Britt’s version is much better, because skin cancer and Deadpool – yep, theeeeere’s the bottom. Here’s what it looks like IN ACTION:

YouTube video

The primary items you’ll need are:
A BUB-L Breezer
Bubble solution
Milliput Modeling Clay (or similar)
Sandable Primer/Filler
Utility knife

Unless you want to clay model Deadpool’s head as well, you’ll need to 3D Print Britt’s Deadpool head model. She chopped the head off of this Deadpool model by Nika if you’re intersted in downloading the original model.

There’s a bit of modding, a bit of hacking and a bit of giggling throughout as you realize what you’re making, but it’s a bit of an interesting project in that regard with the improvements Britt explains in the process to reduce noise, fix arm movement and improve airflow for ultimate Deadpool poot bubble enjoyment.

You can download the model and see the step-by-step on Instructables.

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