It’s amazing that even with so many multi-tools on the market, very few of them have the one thing most people need: a writing apparatus. I mean, what good is a mini-ruler/blade/tape measure when you don’t have any marking tool to use with them?

With this, the folks at World’s Tiniest have decided to make one of the smallest pens you can simply add to your set of multi-tools.

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The ForeverPen is a tiny, 0.99-inch pen that can last a really, really long time. Using a hard-wearing silver tip, it will leave a solid mark on any surface without having to use liquid ink. This allows you to do things you couldn’t do with a normal pen: writing upside down or shaking it real hard without spraying ink all over the place.

Contrary to its namesake, however, the ForeverPen doesn’t actually write forever. Like all things in this world, the silver tip will eventually run out. This will leave you with nothing but a pointed metal keychain. Still, the ForeverPen can last longer than most pens and is way more durable to boot.


You already know about the silver tip, but the body of the ForeverPen is made out of a solid metal of your choosing. You could have it in gray titanium, a copper tinge, or a bright yellow brass – all of which are made to handle the harshest writing conditions. The pen is machine-milled with weight and balance in mind, allowing it to fit snugly between your fingers.


With durability and portability in mind, the ForeverPen looks to be the ideal pen for on-the-go writing. My only issue is how small it is. I have big fingers, so holding the pen that isn’t even an inch long might prove troublesome. Then again, this pen is meant for jotting down quick marks and notes – not for an essay-long composition. If you’re looking to make a swift memo, this pen will certainly get the job done without any fuss.


The ForeverPen is still in the prototype stage, but it already has a current backing of £389,318 on Indiegogo.


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