The last time we checked in with totally-insane-yet-completely-brilliant garage inventor Colin Furze, he was epically removing his socks with the aid of a firework rocket launcher and somehow walking away unscathed. Yet again, we still don’t know how this guy doesn’t end up in the hospital. Yesterday, Furze shared what is likely his most impressive project to date: a fully functional hoverbike.

Over the past few weeks, Furze has been documenting his various experiments and build processes for bringing the ridable hovercraft to fruition – an impressive feat considering that he’s working solo out of his own humble workshop. The resulting hoverbike – which is kept aloft by two 2-stroke engines – is controlled by shifting weight distribution forward or backwards for speed and left or right to change direction. That said, weight is a huge factor and according to Furze, even removing the keys from his pocket had a noticeable effect on the performance of the craft.

Says Furze:

“What a creation, it’s an unhinged flying bike/human blender but unbelievably it gets off the ground and actually FLIES. Considering the amount of time I’ve spent on this and the fact this is my first EVER attempt at making anything that leaves the ground this is well and truly a job well done, it’s easy to overlook the true scale of what takes to make something like this work at all.”

For those who are brave enough to pursue building their own unhinged flying bike/human blender, here’s a breakdown of how The Furze got himself up into the air:

Let’s Make A Flying Machine – The Plan

“Unlearn Mobility” they said so i asked you what crazy mode of transport you wanted me to attempt and the ideas came in bucket loads (14,000+ ideas) but the one thing you wanted to see the most was me to fly.

Let’s Make A Flying Machine – Thrust Test

The 2nd stage of the Furze Ford Unlearn Flying Machine project….So will these paramotors actually lift me off the ground, time to test how much weight they can lift.

Making a Homemade Hoverbike

The Furze Ford Unlearn flying machine is now in my shed muhahaha, see the chassis come to life in this amazing project.

Adds Furze:

“Ok, the fact this worked at all is a miracle at all to some people which proves that you should try stuff even if you think you know the outcome.”


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