Whether it exists in the form of Javascript, a music video, or any other bonkers use of everyday objects, the Rube Goldberg machine never fails to keep the fun side of invention alive.

More recently, the watchmakers at Seiko created what is sure to be the smallest Rube Goldberg machine ever created using – you guessed it – ridiculously small watch parts.

In total, over 1,200 parts were used to create the machine – which more likely than not will hold on to the smallest Rube Goldberg machine for quite some time. Sadly, there were moments where human intervention was needed to keep the near-weightless objects in motion and the camera focus is a tad off – but what can you expect for freakin’ watch parts?

Says the team behind the project (translated from Japanese):

“(This machine) blends the clockmaker’s artistry with 47 types and 1200 individual mechanical watch parts–some as small as 0.7 mm across! A stage setting of beautiful precision embodies our group slogan: SEIKO. Moving ahead. Touching hearts. The image song used for the background music includes the words and thoughts of Seiko’s employees.”

(volume warning: Japanese singing)


And of course, the obligatory making of:



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