We’re pretty sure that if you were to open up your nearest dictionary and open it up to the word ‘Insanity‘, Colin Furze‘s name would be somewhere in there. The plumber, stuntman, inventor, and filmmaker from Stamford, Lincolnshire, England is known for his wild and downright impressive inventions ranging from ‘The World’s Fastest Pram’ (complete with a flamethrower and World Record to boot) to his famed ‘Wall of Death’.

After leaving school at age 16 to pursue a career in plumbing, Colin stayed in the field upon earning a spot on the British TV Show Gadget Geeks. Today he is still plumbing to pay the bills but resorts to his workshop at night to build more crazy inventions.

In this recently-released short made for BBC, we get an oftentimes humorous (do we really need a high-speed assisted mobility device…yes!) and inspirational (why not see what a high-speed assisted mobility device would be like?) look inside the mind of Colin Furze.

Here’s a few of Colin’s famed YouTube videos…however we recommend heading over to his YouTube channel to browse his entire library:

The Jet Bicycle

YouTube video

DIY X-MEN Wolvering Claws

YouTube video

The World’s Fastest Pram

YouTube video

You can also check out more in-depth explanations of the projects over at ColinFurze.com.


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