Whether it’s a toy Lightsaber, a miniature city, a robot or even just a plain old box, few materials can fuel a child’s imagination like cardboard can. Not to mention, the environmentally-friendly material is easy to work with and is nearly free – depending on where you look.

Aiming to make creating awesome cardboard toys easy for other parents like them, designers Alexander Babich and Anastasia Alfiorova of MacoshDesign Studio recently shared the patterns and assembly instructions for creating two exceptionally awesome kid-sized cardboard vehicles: an F1 racecar and a biplane.

“However you get the cardboard, the most powerful and valuable thing is the assembly process,” says Babich. “Assembling the toys with your kids is not only fun but also a perfect educational tool. We’ve created the guides with simple instructions to make this enjoyable process as easy as possible.”


In the case that you don’t have a refrigerator-sized cardboard box laying around to use as building material, a quick trip to the art supply store and $10 or so of cardboard sheets should do the trick. For those with access to a laser cutter, the designers have even shared the laser cutting paths for flawless pattern cutouts.




For just $1 per download (for the F1 racecar, the biplane is free), the designers include both the detailed illustrated assembly guide and the 1:1 patterns. What better way is there to repurpose those old boxes on a lazy Sunday?

Download the patterns over at MacoshDesign Studio.


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