A new filament from Avante demonstrates how much more advances in 3D printing filament chemistry can achieve.

The new FilaOne GRAY filament from Avante Technology is one of very few materials specifically designed for 3D printing engineering applications. Avante explains:

FilaOneTM GRAY provides very high flexural modulus, yet can bend and recover without crack- ing or crazing. The material is both tough and resilient, making it ideal for applications like drone landing gear, living hinges, toys and other parts that take a beating during use.

It achieves this by using a composite material involving carbon nanotubes. Here’s how it works:

FilaOneTM GRAY contains a proprietary type of carbon nanotubes that have been highly dispersed throughout the filament to re-enforce the integrity of the material. These nanotubes provide strength and resilience to the composite. When other materials crack or break, FilaOneTM GRAY stretches and deforms.

Incredibly, this material provides a range of really interesting properties that I suspect would be just what many engineers are seeking…

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