Having created everything from a jet-powered go-kart and the world’s fastest pram to an ejector bed and even a hydroformed suit designed to be worn while being shot at with fireworks, you would think inventor Colin Furze has seen and done it all.

But, as somebody who consistently makes a point of going further and higher (literally) than his previous inventions, Furze’s latest brings one of the most sought-after video games into the real world: Jacob Frye’s wrist-mounted rope launcher from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. The Victorian-era game, which was released just last week, relies on the rope launcher for moving Frye, the game’s protagonist, around mid-1800s London.

“A fully functional arm mounted grapple hook and hidden blade is something we think of as fiction but i’ve managed to bring them to life and there awesome (sic),” explains Furze.

Here is the rope launcher in action from the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate video game:

…and now here’s Furze’s real-life version:

Never one to shy away from sharing the process of how he got to the final product, Furze has also shared two videos that go into further detail how he brought the concept to life:


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