As the complexities of hardware design continue to be broken down and simplified into build-it-yourself projects for inspiring the next generation of inventors, the quality of these build kits only continue to get better.

More recently, Bose has tapped into this new category of build-it-yourself consumer electronics with their BOSEbuild lineup, which includes appealing end products that they hope will give kids the motivation to explore the science of sound.

To kick off the new STEM-centered brand the company released the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube, a complete Bluetooth speaker building kit that allows for kids (or curious adults) to not only build the speaker from scratch but also personalize their design with color and cover customizations. Additionally, the speaker comes with a companion app for iOS that includes interactive step-by-step direction and an expanded curriculum for learning about the physics of sound.


“Dr. Bose was fascinated with electric trains when he was very young,” says Bob Maresca, CEO and president of Bose. “He learned how they worked by taking them apart and putting them back together, and he had that same insatiable curiosity throughout his entire life. That spirit is still at the heart of Bose. And it’s a great example of what we’d like BOSEbuild to offer – fun and relatable ways for kids to make something they really want and can use for years to come, while learning about the incredible science and technology behind it.”

Like other existing Bluetooth speakers, the finished product is fully-functional and can pair with any smartphone or tablet for streaming audio wirelessly. In other words, this truly is a usable consumer electronic product that will likely get good mileage long after it’s been assembled.

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“We believe in the importance of STEM education,” adds Joe Titlow, Head of Sales and Marketing for BOSEbuild. “But learning doesn’t just happen at school – it happens in garages and backyards and at kitchen tables, and it starts at a young age. That’s what’s so exciting about BOSEbuild products. They’ll give kids a new way to use, share, and celebrate their imagination and creativity. And we hope that starts a lifetime of discovery.”

While it is a functional Bluetooth speaker, at $150 it may not fit everybody’s budget for a weekend project. Alternatively – for a more hands-on manufacturing and assembly approach – the recently-released 3D printable Kitronic Stereo Speaker Kit includes parts that can be downloaded and 3D printed at home or directly through the new 3D Hubs + Thingiverse integration for those who would rather skip the hassle and have the parts printed for them locally.


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