Having just graduated with a degree in Industrial Design earlier this year, 27-year-old Ludwig Rensch is already proving that he can lay down the iron fist and squash existing design annoyances with his innovative problem-solving skills.

For his final project, which focused on our relationship with today’s machines and how they can be used more intuitively, Rensch presented a concept for replacing existing behemoth all-in-one desktop printers with a minimal lightweight solution in the form of Paper.

The all-in-one device, which includes printing, scanning and copying capabilities, is a connected IoT device that trades pre-cut paper for an upright paper roll that enables the design to be more compact, space-saving and mobile for different working environments. According to Rensch, the device is meant to be seen as more of an “aesthetically pleasing creative tool that brings together the analog and digital worlds” for transferring content rather than a traditional printer:


The user interface was designed following the Pareto Principle, which states that users only use 20% of features 80% of the time. To achieve this, Rensch defined a printer’s key functions, analyzed the required procedures and simplified these until the result was an easy-to-understand, pleasant and minimalistic product.

Be sure to check out the rest of Rensch’s impressive portfolio over at his website.


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