If we go by what designer Maya Ben David says, then changes in technology and culture has influenced the way we have ‘reshaped and reconfigured’ essential systems found in our homes. Basic rudiments like plumbing and electricity have seen changes in functionality, materials and construction. Innovative approaches using 3D Printing technology are helping us take refinements a step further.


Let’s look at how Bypass by Maya Ben David is helping reshape the plumbing in our home. Typically water pipes have a fixed and standardized structure to them. The fittings are 90, 45 and T shape angles and the pipes are joined together in these settings only.


As described by Maya, Bypass is a system case study of water pipe fittings. Taking advantage of 3D printing and designing bends that are innovative and an alternate solution to the typical joint (or elbows). In this new ways we to work with the pipes the way we want them to. Meaning, we can bend them and fashion them according to our requirements and not according to the pre-existing angles available off-the-shelf. Each Bypass module can match excising metal or new printed parts and this according to us is true innovation!