The future is here! How do we know it? Well, first you had Amazon selling products online through their store; next you had them invade your Smartphone and apps. Now you have them in the palm of your hand! We are talking about the Amazon Dash – a device that makes shopping simple.

The way it works is easy: speak into the handheld device or scan the barcode of your supplies. The system is so effortless that almost anyone at home can use. So much so that even the young ones tackle it with finesse. Build a grocery list throughout the day, and never forget an item again. Dash remembers it all!


Switch on the Wi-Fi and Dash hooks onto the network and syncs with your AmazonFresh account. Like we mentioned before, say or scan the items into your device and then review the list on your desktop or mobile device. The next logical step is to purchase and schedule the delivery of your list.


A lot many people have started receiving their Dash, and currently it is available for free. Experimenting with the voice recognition technology, users are having fun ordering strawberries via the service. The $300-per-year Prime Fresh loyalty program is currently available in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

There has been some speculation about Amazon’s intentions with the Dash program. It is currently a proxy to mobile phone apps and going by the video, we can see how comfortably the people are ordering milk and other supplies, while doing regular stuff like baking cookies and eating breakfast.

On the flipside, since Dash is meant for the Fresh delivery service, many a times it fails to recognize the products that are not available on Amazon’s Fresh site. Another drawback is that there is restricted feedback from the device alone, you need to look up the app to know if you have bought the right product. One thing is for sure; Amazon is getting the users hooked to the device and dependent on it.