nanobioscience-adminpatch-microneedles in solidworksIf your fear of needles send you into a fever-breaking sweat, there’s nano-technology being developed in the recesses of multiple research facilities that would eliminate the tension and danger of delivering meds to your drug-laden organs.

The skin, being your largest organ, is the target of a transdermal patch with microneedles to get the juice right into your bloodstream STAT. This one, the ADMINPatch from nanoBioSciencejust happens to be developed using SolidWorks.

What does this do?

the proprietary microneedle shape allows continuous delivery of drugs when the microneedle is inserted in the skin.nanoBioscience product

The idea isn’t new, but the design and ideas about how a patch would be applied are still being developed. NanoBioScience is aiming to make applying these tiny sticklers to your skin ans quick, painless and cheap as possible.

adminpatch-applicator-solidworks design

microneedles drug delivery system

MicroNeedle images via PNAS and GATech research.


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