solidjott-solidworks-forumThere’s a new site that might get you an answer quicker that you can say, arrrrrrrGGGGH! to a SolidWorks VAR. It’s a new take on Tech Support from Ben Eadie of SolidMentor called SolidJott.

Ben says it’s simple and it is. You sign up and type a question. You don’t need a SolidWorks Serial number either. Will this make it more popular? The interface is like Twitter, but better because comments are threaded, you can add ratings and put tags on your question.

The only thing you can’t do is upload images or model files. That’s one advantage the SolidWorks forums have right away this, but if you want some quick help with some regulars from the forums already showing up, take a look.

Can the SolidWorks community handle another place to ask questions? Is this a better method?


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