If you’ve birthed a wee one, or have been involved in the process of choosing an appropriate container to cart them around in, you might be familiar with Phil & Ted’s.

They make the buggies that make your head turn when you’re trudging down the running path like an angry marsupial mama with three children grappled to you. Phil & Ted’s obviously have the design process down and they make it all happen using SolidWorks and modo. Their latest development is, get ready, the world’s fastest jogger, conspicuously named the Sub4. Hit it.

From the Phil Brace profile at Luxology:

You use both Solidworks and modo. Tell me about the role of each in this latest project, the Sub4 jogging stroller please.
For implementation Solidworks is the tool of choice for the design and engineering team. We’re not designing space-shuttles just yet, so SW is perfect for plastic parts, extrusions, and the mechanics of folding mechanisms. modo provides the pre-design visuals, and later the accurate renders from the SW data. I still use VMRL exports from SW via blender to LWO and then to modo! – crazy but easy to control the polys. The sub4 was created with the view that sports-minded, athletic, bike riding parents who love to run would actually like to be able to run with their strollers! The sub4 needed to look “FAST”, be able to corner “FAST”, stop “FAST”, fold “FAST” and small, and most of all be cool, and leverage the “FAST” moving cycle industry. The sub4 is the mountain bike of the cycle world.

“Heaps of Functionality”

Here, Phil Brace gives some insight into the design behind the Sub4, why they wanted it to be the fastest and what materials they used in the engineering to get there.

Renderings of the Sub4 in modo
Renderings of the Sub4 in modo

More on the design at theworldsfastestjogger.com. The price? $699.99, but look around. There are some of the world’s fastest joggers bound to turn up on Ebay or Craigslist sooner or later.

via Luxology


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