Very, very slick of the robot sympathizers over the past few decades. Distract the humans with fear of robot attacks, while they slowly integrate them into the working class and family life.

Yep, you’ll be surprised when you come home and your baby has been replaced by a multi-appendage, potato-peeling chubbling that ‘sleeps’ through the night and has coffee made for you in the morning, but you’ll be even more surprised when you find your office chair has been replaced by a circuit board that looks like you and does your job 24 hours a day.

Thanks to more advanced sensors and safety technology that can prevent them from injuring people, robots are moving beyond factories and into different types of work. Unlike the Japanese, who are more accepting when robots mix with people, Americans reflect greater conditioning from such movies as “The Terminator” and fear robots. “You’re not too anxious to have those come into your office,” says Fisher.MSNBC

Dang right buster, and unlike the Japanese, Americans will be prepared to slay the robot masses that take the Japanese and use their skin to cover their metal exterior. Take no prisoners.

Here’s the video. The robots will “be used by engineers… to automate dull, repetitious or ergonomically difficult tasks.” True. Tasks like calculating a billion equations within a second, then using the results to sort paper, wherein ‘accidentally’ nicking us with the edges causing minor infections that turn into severe cases of gangrene… all with a smile on their cold faces.

Via MSNBC. Thanks Bruce! The robots will spare you!


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