I’ve covered my fair share of household hardware here on SolidSmack: from an intricately-designed LED lamp all the way to a pizza oven made from a Pilates ball. But nothing has been as simple as this:

Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet

The Vettis Concrete by luxury fittings brand Brizo is as simple as faucets come. No hand-activated sensor or hidden soap dispenser here – you just turn the handle to the right and out comes good old tap water. But there’s something about its concrete makeup and unique shape which makes you double back and take a closer look.

Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet

Only 500 of these faucets are in existence, each created by sculptor Christopher Shannon from his studio in British Columbia. By infusing pure charcoal into the concrete mix and adding embedded fibers to strengthen the mold, Shannon brings out the concrete’s unique appearance without sacrificing its durability.

Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet  Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet

Once the molds are rested, he cures them for 30 days to allow their patinas to evolve. After this, it’s just a matter of filing, polishing, and fine-tuning to give them a more natural look.

Brizo Vettis Concrete faucet

Slap on the handles and the faucets are ready to go. As far as limited edition faucets go, the Vettis Concrete is a looker. While it appears like a traditional faucet, the simplicity and roughness of the concrete remind you how much it had to go through to get to your kitchen sink.


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