As a kid, any source of light should provide sanctuary from the underside of your bed or the empty space in your closet. With an active imagination coursing through that little body, the darkness can make even a simple shoe look like the severed foot of your next door neighbor. That’s why parents attach all kinds of lighting fixtures to help their kids (and more importantly, themselves) get a good night’s sleep.

Not this lamp, however!

Designed by Álvaro Goula and Pablo Figuera for Faro Barcelona, the HAN LED lamp may look like a misshapen thought bubble, but is in fact a light source, hanger, and a fuel for childhood nightmares all rolled into one!

Let’s get into each of the features in detail.

HAN LED light and hanger
The HAN LED lamp keeps the boogeymen at bay by providing warm LED 6W light all throughout the room. While other light fixtures like to make their presence known by blasting out your retinas, this lamp emits a soft, indirect light which ensures that your kids will retain their eyesight past the age of 12.

HAN LED light and hanger

As for its ability to hold different articles of clothing, this baby holds not just one, but a whopping four hangers which are disguised as smaller nubs on the side of the lamp itself. While it won’t stand up to the durability of something like say, a hangman’s noose, this household fixture composed of steel and methacrylate can support your clothes no matter how outlandish your fashion sense gets!

… Which brings me to why this thing isn’t meant for kids. You see, even though the HAN LED lamp provides a soft glow and has no edges with which your kids can cut themselves, the shadows that your clothes cast will be more than enough to scare the living crap out of them.

HAN LED Lamp and Hanger

There just isn’t any way around it.

Because your clothes are so close to the light source, the darkness that your apparel creates muffles out any sense of comfort or safety that comes from the lamp. Now this might be acceptable in a home full of adults, but when you have hyperactive children who scare easily at the sight of Barney the Dinosaur, then this doesn’t really make for a good nighttime guardian.

The lamp may have won an award for design and functionality, but it sure isn’t child-friendly. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty lamp details (and possibly buy one for yourself), you can check it out here on Faro Barcelona’s official webpage.


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