Although existing cutaway and section view tools that exist in today’s CAD tools are incredibly reliable, they pale in comparison to the hand drawn detailed cutaway drawings that were – at one time- the most advanced form of communication for designers, engineers and manufacturers.

Although cutaway illustrations have been used for centuries for everything from clock mechanisms to steam engines, it’s the mesmerizing full-color automotive cutaway illustrations from illustrators such as Yoshiro Inomoto that helped move the cutaways from something you’d expect to see in a blueprint to something you would want on your wall.

More recently, Madrid ad agency espadaysantacruz took the concept of ‘cutaway’ quite literally when they setup a custom rig for a motorcycle engine that allowed them to grind away layer-by-layer while capturing the entire process via an array of timelapse camera views.




Could the video, which was done as part of a marketing campaign for 3M’s CUBITRON II sandpaper, be the new bar for cutaway illustrations? In any case, we still want those Yoshiro Inomoto prints up on our walls.


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