It comes with little surprise that with the rise of Kickstarter videos and ‘launch campaigns’ there is a growing trend in creating ‘start-up parodies’. Perhaps the most well-known is HBO’s Silicon Valley tv show in which the main character navigates the weird and wild terrain of the California start-up scene. Similar to the essence of Silicon Valley, this new parody from husband and wife filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley takes a stab at the hype-heavy prosumer camera market with their own ‘impossible camera design‘ that is definitely worth three minutes of your time today.

“We began by collecting materials we owned, such as a broken handy cam, LED light, microphones, and vintage camera lenses, before visiting recycling centers and resale stores for low price electronics. We had a lot of fun rummaging through our local recycling center for visually interesting computer parts.”

Call it an excellent exercise in the powers of upcycling, the Walley POS-86 doesn’t just look pretty—the thing truly is a fully-functional camera with real features:



After two weeks in development, the husband and wife team studied Apple’s promo videos to help develop a believable video script. Their friend Mark Menjivar was assigned the role of ‘Senior Marketing Director’ and after some product shots, B-Roll, and a good dose of editing, the perfect launch video parody was born.




Who knows? After doing this once maybe we’ll actually see a Kickstarter project from these two next.

(Images via Walley Films)