At the recent Milan Design Week, the very innovative company IVANKA constructed a temporary installation that showcased their creative genius of turning rainwater into high-quality, pure drinking water. The rainwater was filtered through a distinctive bio-concrete system, making it one of the smartest and efficient way of purifying rain. What makes this project important is that it opens up the possibility of providing drinking water in areas where there is dearth of safe potable water.

The Water of Life project has a system in place that collects rain and uses the specialized concrete material to it convert it to drinking water. Visitors to the exhibit were treated an exceptional preview, where the 1:1 scale demonstration model showed them how a mock cloud dispensed artificial rain, which slowly trickled down the concreter walls. They could sip the harvested water and get a vibe of the operation onsite.


The project has the potential to create a big impact on the technology presently being used in worldwide water management. Depending upon how far it is developed, we can expect some kind of economical, social and environmental implications as well.


This is essentially how it works: the bio-concrete has a pH neutral orientation and biocompatible influences on the water. The technology implemented simply filters the rain organically without the use of chemicals and the result is high-quality water. We can see the potential use of this water not only in the home environment but also in factories and commercial arenas.

The people behind it all, Katalin and Andras Ivanka say that more freshwater is required due to the population growth. Hence freshwater is an indispensable resource. By implementing this project, the duo hopes to help people and companies leave behind the minimum possible ecological footprint.