Well, well, well, from the looks of the last poll, not too many people care about hardware/software upgrade plans. I agree… BORING. For me, a hardware upgrade consists of bottling pure rage (and my new hot sauce recipe) to throw a computer 200 feet into the air.

So, while we’re on the topic of rage, lets do a really cliché poll about Microsoft’s hot new OS, Windows 7, that was made available last week. Maybe this one will get some more interests since Windows is sooooo much better than Mac, and Macs are soooooo much better than Windows.

Yes, completely contradictory statements and why you love SolidSmack a little more that a hard slap across the ear after gagging on a bean.

[poll id=”12″]

You know what would be really interesting to find out also? How many people will upgrade and long for the days of Windows NT. Post your soliloquies below.


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