I’m positive. If you could wrap yourself around a Subaru Turbocharged Car Engine and tear down the road, you would, you so would, and so would I. But the difference between you and I, is that I would have six bike flags and a license plate that read WHEELIE.

No matter how you cruise, there’s nothing that beats a super killer motorcycle concept. Especially a concept strapped with TURBO. Ian McElroy wanted to create it. He didn’t know how to use SolidWorks, but he taught himself enough to crank out the sweetest lookin’ ride I’ve seen eeeeevah!

Ian McElroy taught himself Solidworks just so he could create the KickBoxer motorcycle concept, which marries the aforementioned liquid-cooled boxer engine from Subaru to a futuristic motorcycle chassis that features single-sided swingarms front and rear along with hub-center steering. – autoblog

On his Flickr sight, Ian says,

“I set out to teach myself SolidWorks and use it to model the chassis. It is a testimate to the awesomeness of Solidworks that I was able to learn everything I needed as I built my model, with no prior CAD experience whatsoever.”

We heard back from Ian and got some more info on the project

When I started with SW I was working on the motorcycles front hub. The tutorial I was using was very bad. Half the dimensions in their reference pictures were unreadable, but it turned out for the better, because I was forced to figure it out on my own. SW is very forgiving, I just played arround with the tools and settings, till I figured out how to do what I wanted. When I got stuck I’d surf the web for video tutorials.

Once I heard what tool was being used in the video I’d find the tool and start playing arround with it till I fugured out how to use it. I took measurements of the parts with my digital calipers and input them right into SW. Success with the first part encouraged me to model my next part, the engine, and then move on from there. When I was finished I went back and added all the details. The parts were very basic, and It took about a solid month. All those chamfers!

Renderings were done in Hypershot. It’s a very easy to get started with and doesn’t require very much time to make realistic textures and renderings. I didn’t think mine were very realistic looking, but they have fooled more than a few people.

Oooo, a big ol’ software company couldn’t ask for a better testimony of their testiment. He’s also got it spec’ed out…

Engine: stock Subaru WRX
Turbo: stock IHI
Wheels: 5Ziggen “ProRacer”
Wheelbase: 56.5″
Rake: 20 degrees
Right angle gearbox: from a Mitsubishi AWD car
Transmission: Baker Torquebox
Belt drive: BDL
Front hub: rear hub, 1980’s GM car
Rear axle: modified Datsun 280Z stub axle
Rear shock: aftermarket Buell type pull shock

Big thanks for sending this in goes to Dave Moore who could take this bike around a turn at Mach 2.5 with hardly any skin damage AT ALL. Now, on to some sweet ace renderings. Click to enlarge.

Kneeslider via AutoblogFlickr Set


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