Are you tired of people going on about Twitter? Well, it’s not going to ends anytime soon with talk about them being bought out and the value their search provides. One outfit,, is bringing value to people, even those that don’t use Twitter, by compiling all the data about jobs on Twitter.

What’s even cooler is that they’re looking at context, so it’s not people talking about certain jobs, it’s actual available posted position possibility.

What’s extra freakin, even cooler is that you can add locations to your search as well. After your search, you have the option of saving (requires twitter account) it or viewing it.

There’s a nice Browse feature as well that shows jobs by field. In addition, you can subscribe to a search via RSS to get updates for your interest or field. All together, a rockin’ use for Twitter

My biggest advice beyond this? Find jobs through the TwitterJobSearch, then find people that work there through Twitter or LinkedIn. It’s a whole heck of lot easier to get jobs through people than applications or agencies.

Via Jraak!


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