We’ve seen some crazy Nerf builds this year – from Adam Savage’s modified blaster which fires 1,000 paintballs from its magazine to a 3D printed Nuka Cola zapper inspired by the hit video game franchise Fallout. Now there’s a new game franchise that’s been picked up by toy company Hasbro, and that franchise is the ever-popular Overwatch.

Falling under their more adult line of Nerf Rival guns (these shoot small, soft, round projectiles rather than the traditional foam darts), the first two guns in the product line feature baby D.Va’s blaster and Reaper’s handheld shotguns.

Overwatch Nerf Guns

In case you need a crash course in Overwatch lore, D.Va, who spends most of her time inside her pink MEKA, has a small pea shooter which she can use to defend herself with when out on her own. Just like the in-game version, this blaster won’t be killing anyone anytime soon. The toy gun holds three rounds inside its small magazine and fires at a range of 80 feet per second.

Overwatch Nerf Guns

Reaper, on the other hand, is a damage-dealing bruiser who likes to get up close and personal with his twin Hellfire shotguns. The Nerf version of his weapons holds eight rounds per shotgun and fires at 90 feet per second, which is a little weird considering this close range weapon fires 10 feet farther than D.Va’s blaster. The best way to play with this Nerf gun is to get two of them and shout “DIE! DIE! DIE” while spinning around and firing them like a madman.

The two guns are set for a 2019 release date, but no pricing has been announced as of now. After this, you better be sure we’ll want Nerf versions of the other characters’ weapons as well. McCree’s Peacekeeper revolver, perhaps?


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