Last week millions were left in the wake of the fourth-strongest hurricane to make landfall. Towns were flooded, homes were lost, and businesses were destroyed. There’s a lot of clean up ahead and the affects are so vast it’s hard to know where to start.

We can start though, and do it a little at a time, because that little can turn into a whole lot for people who have lost everything. One company that lost everything is Maritech Machine in Panama City, Florida.

Maritech Machine, Inc., is a woman owned small business that was established in 1991, and incorporated in 1993 in the state of Florida. We are primarily a precision machine, and fabrication shop dedicated to serving our defense, industrial, marine, heavy construction, printing, and municipal customers. In addition, Maritech Machine, Inc. is a registered partner with the United States Government Defense Logistics Agency.

Our friends at Xometry have set up a GoFundMe campaign for the company to help them rebuild and get back to doing what they do best.

Since they’re also a manufacturing partner on the Xometry network, Xometry is joining in the fundraising to match donations up to $5000. Having just passed the $3000 mark, they’re nearly there, so stop by and give a little to help this company get back on their feet.

Oh, and if everyone who reads these gives just $10, it would blow their GoFundMe goal right out of the water.

Donate Here

If you know of other fundraising for companies affected by hurricane, please mention them in the comments!


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