This past July, we checked out the APSX Spyder Desktop CNC Machine. It’s not the only sub-$5k high-precision desktop CNC machine on the market, of course. One commentator brought up another option, the Saturn Series CNC Router from Fine Line Automation.

The team at Fine Line Automation call the Saturn Series “the most advanced CNC router in their class today.” It’s being marketed as a fully assembled, 425-pound piece of industrial strength machinery made of 4mm thick welded steel tubing and plates, precision milled components, and loads more precision machining features. The Saturn Series was built to last years upon years of use/abuse cutting wood, metal, or any other material you might like to drive that end mill into.

Saturn Series 2' x 4' CNC Router

Saturn Series 2' x 4' CNC Router

The frame is built with an accuracy of 0.1mm–stress relieved to make sure its cutting mechanism can withstand all the punishment you’ll be putting it through without warping out of shape. As for the motion components, they use 25mm guide rails for each axis, with quad-rollers and triple wiper tech on the carriage to keep the guides running smooth and clean. The X-axis gets two linear carriage rails to evenly distribute force over the rail to reduce the wear on the machine and help increase its operating lifespan.

Saturn Series 2' x 4' CNC Router

Other highlights of the machine include the precision ground ballscrews on the Z axis and the Rack and Pinion drives on the X and Y axes which reduce friction while keeping the moving parts of the CNC machine together.

Normally, the Saturn Series 2’ x 4’ CNC Router costs $4,000, but right now it’s available for a mere $2,500 on the Fine Line Automation website. You can see more of the machine’s specs over there as well.


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